Weekly Riding Lessons

The  cornerstone of learning to ride! prepare to have your child at the  stables for up to two hours as they groom, tack up, ride for an hour and  put their horses away - all designed to develop a rider who is capable  and confident working with horses and ponies $50/$65 


Horseback Riding Day Camps

 The "horsiest" horseback riding day camp, for Summer, Winter and March Break - ride twice a day, learn horsemanship and groundwork, crafts!, experience the great outdoors - check out website for details  $400/wk


Canadian Pony Club Riding Center

Cantercall  is proud to be a Canadian Pony Club Riding Center! this international  organization offers a wide variety of education and competitive  opportunities for all ages!  Please contact us for more information  $180/yr +  


Introductory Riding Program

Introductory Riding Program six  private lessons to get the rider posting at the trot and steering  safely on their own and ready to join a group lesson $340/6 


Pony Pals

An  introduction to ponies and riding for the very young (4, 5, 6yr olds)   six one hour lessons by self or with a friend - familiarizes children  with the many tasks associated with learning to ride - safety, halter,  leading, grooming, parts of the horse, saddle, bridle, mounting, basic  position, reins, stirrup, simple exercises on the lunge $285/6 


Barn Mice and PA Day Program

Barn Mice is a Saturday/Sunday  volunteer program available  for young riders of all ages who just love  spending time in the stables and helping with stable chores (for riders enrolled in a weekly lesson program)  N/C 

Positively Absolutely  the best PA Day a young horse lover can ask for - includes a riding  lesson, stable chores, horsemanship lesson, and basically a load of fun  with the horses and ponies $60/day