From a mother

My  daughter and I both joined Cantercall recently, after learning  of their location. The first thing that struck me was how much  riding all the students were doing during the lesson. They were  constantly in motion which was a large departure from how we previously  rode. We actually had to “catch up” in our posting trot to build  strength and stamina. I was also immensely impressed with the quality of  the lesson. Lauryn is constantly engaged with her students,  respectfully coaching, encouraging and ensuring they are learning how to  ride safely and properly. My daughter loves Lauryn and Emily (who also  teaches). She feels so safe in their teaching style, she will step  outside her comfort zone and stretch her boundaries. I’ve had the  pleasure to watch all the kids interact with Lauryn on “Barn Mice”  weekends. Her belief in their capabilities is sometimes higher than  their own. Yet, encouragement and her ability to let them safely solve a  problems, has resulted in thriving children who want to  work, offer solutions and leave the barn happy, tired and contented. It  is more than I could have hoped for. The community this place has is  wonderful. From Lauryn’s soup bubbling away in the crockpot on weekends  for all to have, Pony Club meetings, barn events, to simply enjoying the  company of the other people there, I feel truly blessed to have fallen  into such a wonderful place. Finally, the care and concern given to the  horses at the heart of the schooling program is wonderful. Each  schooling horse is as well treated as the children who ride them. Lauryn  utilizes teachable moments to educate the kids about kindness and  respect to all creatures. Cantercall has easily become a second home on  weekends and a marvelous place for my daughter to grow up in an  environment that values children.   S.A

From an adult rider returning to horses

Coming  to Cantercall to rediscover my love of horses has been wonderful! After  many years away from riding, while raising my kids and building a  career, going to Cantercall has become a highlight of my week. Lauryn’s  knowledge, guidance, support and encouragement have helped me to love to  ride as much as I did as a kid - maybe more! Her horses are happy and  kind to their riders. Her staff are welcoming and friendly as are her  clients of all ages. If you’re looking for a place to learn and grow and  love on some wonderful horses, this is the place to be!  J.W. 

From a long time client

What  do I love about Cantercall? Mostly Lauryn Tambling. I have been riding  with Lauryn for over 22 years. The new location in Mono is the best  place ever! We have a big indoor arena, a large sand ring, jump paddock  plus cross county fences in the lower valley pasture. I have boarded two  horses with Lauryn over the years and I am very pleased with the care  my horses have  received. Furthermore I have successfully competed at  dressage shows with two of Cantercall"s school horses. Lauryn is a an  amazing coach and I continue to learn every time I ride.  S.R.